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In Manistee County Michigan

In some places, they run deep. At other spots, the water barely skims over the pebbles that dot the bottom. Regardless, the 276 miles of rivers in Manistee County are remarkable for a variety of reasons. People travel from around the world to gain access to the renown fishery while others come to paddle their length, hike their shores or bird watch from comfortable piers.

The four primary rivers in the Manistee County Region are listed and outlined below.  Select each river to learn more and obtain float maps and river details.

Bear Creek winds its way through swamps, hills and farmland in Manistee County and draws a large number of anglers because it is an excellent prod..
Winding their way throughout Michigan are a host of world-renown waterways teeming with the fish of anglers’ dreams. Incredible Fishery..
A destination for people from all over the world, the Manistee River is an ideal location for anglers and paddlers or those just looking to float..
Quick, tight and loaded with white water, the Pine River is Manistee Counties fastest flowing river and is not for the novice paddler. If you are..

Access the Manistee River, Bear Creek and Little Manistee River from these ETS sites:
Use these Explore the Shores sites to access your favorite waterways in Manistee County.  Other sites may be used to access these areas, but these sites are equipped with universal accessibility amenities.

on the Big Manistee River Project Status: Completed Bear Creek, the largest tributary of the Manistee River below Tippy Dam, boasts a bo..

on the Big Manistee River Project Status: Completed On the banks of the Manistee River at the U.S. Forest Service Rainbow Bend Access Si..

on the Little Manistee River Project Status: Completed The Little Manistee River weir plays a significant role in ensuring the multi-bil..