Welcome to Explore the Shores

Explore the Shores consists of a network of sites and destinations around Manistee County lakes, rivers, beaches, marinas and marshes where visitors can experience meaningful time on the water while learning about the region’s history and the importance of protecting our natural resources.

Explore the Shores signage at Arthur St. boat launch and fishing pier in Manistee, Michigan

Water is a universal necessity

The culture and lives of the nomadic tribes and Native American settlers in the area we now call Manistee County, Michigan were largely determined by the resources and infrastructure provided by the region’s water. Today, our economic and cultural vitality is still closely linked to our most vital resource – water.

Now, more than ever, the management, stewardship and protection of our lakes, rivers and streams is critical to the economic health of our region. With this understanding, Explore the Shores, a collaborative effort between public and private organizations, was created to provide barrier-free accessibility, educational opportunities and a connection for visitors and residents to Manistee County’s fresh water.

Explore the Shores sites are universally accessible

The need for water is universal and the access to it should be universal as well. All Explore the Shore sites are universally accessible. Barrier-free access means visitors who are physically limited by disabilities and families with small children can safely enjoy and explore the natural beauty and resources of Manistee County.

We invite you to Explore the Shores of Manistee County, Michigan.

Manistee County - Where life meets water